Westfield Auctions provides items, event locations, and special consignment incentives for charitable events.

Are you interested in holding an auction for a charity or non-profit organization? If so, please read about our charity policies.

auctionable item contributions

Westfield Auctions can provide private charitable events with as many as 50 items for auction. The items will be diversified in order to satisfy the varied interests of your donors and raise funding. The charity in question is required to purchase the items at consignment price and can keep 100% of the remaining profits.


Westfield Auctions can supply everything you need to hold a private, live charitable auction. This includes but is not limited to: an entertaining, 5-star auctioneer; a highly diversified collection of fine assets to be sold; and a beautiful, local venue that will promote a generous spirit among your audience. For this type of service, your charity will keep 25% of the gross profits from the auction.


We are always happy to accommodate groups of donors at our regularly scheduled live auctions. Please let us know about your charity before the event is held, and we will give back 10% of combined donor spending to your charity.