The love of my life splurged on a pair of brilliant diamond earrings for me, and could not afford the ring to match. I found Westfield Auctions and found the most amazing ring to complement my timeless earrings! Cheers to the circle of life! Thank you Westfield!
— Debra R., Venture Capitalist
I’ve always been a big fan of auctions. I was looking for somewhere to buy art for my house and came across Westfield. At this point I’ve collected over 10 works of art, all framed and was able to buy them at my own price if you never been to an option before I suggest you check them out. I’m happy I did.
— Jamie P., San Francisco
My advice: make sure to examine everything closely and look at the certificate of authenticity for each piece I’ve been to the auction on five occasions and there’s always something new to look at.
— Pete M., San Diego, CA
I’ve got some very high-end art works with Westfield auctions. I’ve seen many of the same or works at retail galleries selling for 70% higher. I’m one hundred percent sold.
— Max J., New York, New York
It was a complete coincidence that the community center that I go to was having this auction! I had no intention of buying anything but was able to find a beautiful diamond ring at approximately one-third of its retail value. I’ve been very happy with my purchase and I look forward to going back again!
— Christy S., Los Angeles, CA
I love when the auction comes to town. I always take my whole family and make a day of it. Great experience.
— Maya J., Ventura, CA